Release Date: 2006

G. Love has been laying down his signature blend of feel-good slinky soul and blues for over a decade, and Lemonade is arguably his strongest, most consistent album yet. He’s as eclectic as ever, incorporating blues, R&B, swirling sonic touches, rock, and hip-hop, but there’s a stylistic continuity to this recording and not a single clunker among the 16 tracks. The list of talented guest stars on Lemonade run the gamut, and include Ben Harper, David Hidalgo of Los Lobos, Jack Johnson (whose label, Brushfire, released the album), Lateef the Truth Speaker, and Gift of Gab of Blackalicious, among other notables, along as usual with the Special Sauce — drummer Jeffrey Clemens and bassist Jimi Prescott. Smooth Hammond organ, Wurlitzer piano, and clavinet augment the overall sound, creating a fat foundation for Love’s free-flowing funk. Whether he’s delivering clever, staccato lines as on “Ain’t That Right” or “Can’t Go Back to Jersey” or slowing things down to a simmer on “Breakin’ Up,” G. Love and his crack crew offer up a refreshing blend of tasty tunes. Sit back, grab a tall glass of Lemonade, and enjoy.